The FINI FLIGHT of Brigadier General Jason E. Bailey has been taken place at Aviano AB Tuesday July 12, 2022, after two intense and demanding years as 31st Fighter Wing Commander, flying the “AV” tail coded, serial 88-0541, F-16CM “Viper”.
Once the F-16CM had landed and taxied at the apron, he was welcomed with a water salute of two firetrucks of the Aviano AB firefighters shooting water over the aircraft forming an arch. Just stopped the plane and dismounted from it, Brigadier General Bailey was welcomed by officiers, pilots, familiar and friends.
Some representative of Aviano AB Aviation Friends Group also had the pleasure to attend the event and were able to salute Brigadier General Bailey, as well as, to thank him of the friendship always shown to the Group over these two years.
The Fini Flight event is the last flight of a commander before relinquishing the command to the new one. It’s a longstanding tradition in the Air Force and it represents one peculiar way to recognize the very best amongst the Air Force’s ranks. With the Vietnam War we can find the first documents of Fini Fligth of pilots and aircrew who commemorated the completation of the hundredth missions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Renzo Del Bianco/AAFG President  

A very special thanks to Brig. Gen. Jason E. Bailey for granting the presence of the AAFG representive and to Mrs. Angela Zammattio, 31st Fighter Wing P.A. for her support in making possible the report.